Tractor in powder snow


Kristoffer does a fair bit of snowplowing. He has a round in the area around the farm, and also a lot of cabins up at the mountain. Now that the snow has been falling heavily he's been more than usually in the tractor. He even had to snowplow so he missed Liv's 5th birthday party. But, that's just how it is. I was out with the camera yesterday when he snowplowed fresh powder snow, and the sun was rising - look at these COOL snowplow pictures huh? :) 

brøyting løssnø john deere

brøyting løssnø

brøyting løssnø snow plowing tractor

snowplowing tractor fresh powdersnow


Worth a try..


Since I had so much fun with the ice crown and lantern for myself, I was also wanting to test out a picture I had been picturing with an animal with the crown looking all dashing and cool. Well, let's just say that straight away, it did not succeed as I planned it to... :)

ice lantern ice sticks

But first, look at this ice castle I also made!! :D Its the biggest icicles I found, just put in a circle, then I laid down to get the sun to be inside of it! :D Loved the cool look - did you?

ice crown sheep

Back to my animal experiment... The sheep had the most success, but not the powerful cool image I had hoped for. Both because none of the animals stood still, and also that the crown itself was quite jiggly and unstable with no way of fastening it. I need to work out a different patent for that. Send me tips if you have any! :)

farmgirl of norway sheep ice crown

ice crown sheep

Here was probably the best shot, but not my nordic magic... :) 

I tried to convince El Capitan it was a safe thing to wear. 

But he was not into it...

ice crown pony snow

Not the pony Ponninn either... :)

ice crown horse snow

This did work, and then shortly after this picture was taken, the crown fell down and broke... ja ja, it was fun while it lasted! :D

white pony snow cute

Probably for the best, the pony thought to himself... :)

snowman ice crown

One who actually did stand still and not seeming to mind was Mr Snow. He got the big lantern as his crown. But then, it turns out he was made of half and half new snow and crammy snow, witch made him quite unstable too. So the day after this pictures was taken, he was laying there, broken to pieses. Crown and all. ja ja ja, it was fun while we did it! :D 


I made it of icicles


If you have followed me for a while, you know that I love to create fairytales... :) This ice crown idea I have had in mind for some time and was just waiting to find the perfect icicles. When I did the job was easy. 

ice crown forest

I put snow and a little cold water in an unbreakable flowerpot. Then I sat the icicles around all the sides, and let the frost do the rest. I got it out by quite fast pouring some hot water on the flowerpot so it kind of slipped out of its "case". Looks really cool huh! Harder to come up with the idea itself and get the icicles than actually making it. 

ice crown fairytale forest

And then of course - I had to wear it! Like a Nordic ice princess in her own fairytale world... hehe, what am I, 5years old? Ohh well.. :) 

ice lantern icestickels

I also made a bigger one as an ice lantern version 2.0. Pretty nice don't you think? :)



Powder snow heaven


This is probably the best winter look the farm can have. I LOVE it like this, what do you think? 

Nedre Skinnes Gård vinter

farm winter snow Norway

The heart-shaped tree is sooo full of snow for a maple tree right here. 

Behind the scenes of a dedicated photographer.

snow farm winter norway

Look how much snow that's covering the sheep fence!

frozen rasberries

Frozen raspberries.


Beautiful phenomena


I have done this before, and still, it amazes me. We throw boiling hot water into the frosty air, and it turns to snow and damp within seconds. 

boiling water freezing weather snow winter throw sunset

First, boil water, and put it in a container you can toss stuff from, like a thermos. 

boiling water freezing weather snow winter throw sunset

Put force into throwing the water out of the thermos as hard as you can. 

boiling water freezing weather snow winter throw sunset

Voila, looks beautiful! This time it was "only - 11 C " and last time we did it it was - 26, so this time it did not go as well as the first time, but still super nice. Ohh yeah, and the sunrise gives a cool touch to it huh?

boiling water freezing weather snow winter throw sunset

Cool in the light before sunrise too :)