Finally, we wore able to open the old box



Finally!!! It's open! The old wooden "Ferdaskrin", translated as "travel box" from 1758 is now opened. After trying multiple keys, sent to me from all over the country, having it tried picked by a locksmith, and calling different psychic people to find the original key, we ended up breaking up the planks at the bottom. Done by a professional, so the box is not damaged. The key box is temporarily removed.  ferdaskrin

We are super ready to see what's inside, it's not been open as long as I have lived. Liv thought it would have gold in there. 

"GOLD!! " She sais enthusiastic. 

Segl for leters. ferdaskrin

The "gold" maaaaay be something I slipped in there to make her happy, right before she got to look :) 

gamle dokumenter

Tree plastic bags full of old documents from the farm. from old sales contracts to court transcripts and more. Sooo coool!!!

gamle dokumenter


So now we have a new, or old new logo at the farm! :D The crown at the top is a stylised version of the bridal crown from here, and 1301 is as far back we can trace the farm in written sources. Its from a leather letter in 1301. Really really cool, and I´m super excited to read more in the documents in the box. The first document is a trace of my family's bloodline traced to 1614, not bad!  




The farm slaughtery is finished!




ahh finally!! The farm slaughtery is done! We have spend a lot of time, effort and money on this, but it looks really good, and its an investment for the future. The room is now fit for both slaughtery of animals, but made in a way that's all surface easily washable, so we can do all kinds of things in here. Both my raspberry production and if we would like to start with vegetables etc. This is a multipurpose room. 

hjemmeslakteri gård

Steel in the roof for hanging heavy lifts. 

lovlig hjemmeslakt matilsynet

It1s like 96% done now, only needs the smaaaal adjustments here and there. Its all new painted, and check out the decor that's up on the wall, I´m very happy with it. 

Kristoffer is rehabilitating an old system. 

The shop is having a two weeks stop in building due to carpenters on vacation, but they should be back next week to finish. 



I have painted what they have made twice and the roof is ready. 

Yeeih, getting there! :) 



Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!


Ahh, this building process is taking forever! Well, I feel like it is anyways, but then again I´m completely lacking any sense of patience. We are thankfully now in the last phase and finishing it all up.

I don't remember if I explained this in English, but we are building a mini slaughtery to be able to slaughter our animals at the farm, and not having to send them to the big slaughteries. We are now allowed to end their lives in the forest, where they live, with extremely high electricity, and then to the rest back home here. That's the absolute most stressfree version we can get, and if one is to eat meat, this is the best life and end we can offer the animals. We also feed them ecological and soya-free food in addition to what they find in the forest. We are also building a little concept store for the farm, that's meant to be open when we deliver the meet to the costumer, and also sell some self-made sheepskin blankets etc. I´ll get more into that later. 

bygging av hjemmeslakteri

Here is the outside of the slaughtery now. Its build in a full-size container like the trucks carry, for cooling and freezing the goods.


My little shop!!! It's made in the characteristic "sveitserstil", to match the rest of the farm. 


Here are some pictures from the building process. 


Getting ready for concrete.


Concrete part one finish, getting ready for part two. 


Epoxy with sand for a clean smooth nonslippery floor. 


Special walls and installments. 

flytting av tre

Kristoffer moving a tree with his excavator. The pigs are getting really big and that's the only problem with this building dragging out in time. We just have to work work work to get it to finish, and I´m very excited to show you the results! :) 



Tree mooses are shoot so far.


One of the absolute highlights of the year for the hunters. It's moose hunting season!

elgjakt jaktlag elg

Screenshot of a snap chat from my dad when Liv was with them. 

slakting av elg


They take the moose from the forest down to one of the farms. Halvor and Liv are learning the ways of life here. 

And as you can tell, Halvor is really blending into the team with the right colors. ;) 



I pretty much paint the whole farm!


Well, not the whole farm, but I have logged in quite a few hours on all the red buildings so far this fall. The last time we painted everything was 2011, and I´m really surprised to see how bad it already looks! I have heard that something that was used in the paint that contains some damaging things was removed from all paint and that for some years the paint hold very badly? I don't know, but what we used in 2011 was crap. Look at the pictures under to see how like almost pink it looks and cracked. It feels great to freshen it up again. Hope it will last at least 10 years or more now. 


dårlig maling

Check how big the difference is! 7 years? Really?live maler sveiserstil

I painted these both before and after they wore put up. sveitserstil lister

To make the building harmonize more after the shop is added on, we try to extend the " sveitserstil" look all over. This decor list is one of the things we do. 

lift maling

So, if you need me, this is where I´ll be until the frost makes it impossible for the paint to dry! See ya.