Liv and I got them ourself


I love Christmas trees and to me, they are the ultimate symbol of Christmas. Since we have quite a decent size forest that belongs to the farm, I don't think its too much to take some extra trees just for decoration. Usually, we only have one tree, but last year when we had two it was so nice I decided to upgrade even further. 3 trees on the first floor, and one in Liv's room. Liv and I grabbed a saw, some ropes and went out in the forest to get our trees. 


Liv has found one for her room. 

pynting av juletre

She helped out to decorate them all, and we had a very good time with our trees. 


This was my favorite. Maybe the best shaped and pretties I have ever found growing in our forest. It's looks like a Disney tree! ;)

Look at this lucky girl getting her own tree, and flashy lights in her bed! She was beyond thrilled :)

As a big contrast to Liv's flashy room, I read an article that the glitter we use on our trees most likely was inspired by a species called " Huldrestry" (Usnea longissima) that grows wild in the forest. How cool is that, natures own Christmas decoration! :) 

ekte juletreglitter skog



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