We had this years first crayfish party - for busines.


Here are some pictures from our very busy crayfish week! :D The crayfish season is from 6th August - 15th September every year and we fish in our own lake.

hvit strand krøderen

One of our beaches. This is just by the cabin we use for Crayfish party.


hytte til leie skinnesmoen kreps

As you can see, it's very close to the water.


Crayfish in the nets! :D

nydelige morgener

Beautiful mornigs


I ran out of eggs while I was in the midle of baking and had to run out to take some from Livs chickens. I hope it wont effect her business badly :)


krepselag Crayfishparty!

Looks nice huh?

solnedgang strand norge





More baking


The beach

Our guests was very happy and everything went smooth! :)



March 25, 2019


March 20, 2019

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