We feed them hazelnuts


A few squirrels live in the trees by the farm. I have a fond memory from when I was little that my mom and I would feed the squirrels hazelnuts and see if they ate them. I decided to do that with Halvor and Liv also. 

ekorn nøtter

Look at this cute picture of a squirrel eating a hazelnut. (This is not taken by me but a lady named Anne Skjevik who has a cute squirrel Instagram account. )


This is what it looks like under a tree where a squirrel has been eating a cone from the tree. Have you seen it before? 

fore ekorn

Halvor feeding nuts under the tree. 

We saw the squirrel! 

When we came back all the nuts was gone, and this was all that was left. I´m sure they had a ball :)


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