Guess what we found in the weeds?!?!


It's shocking, but true... there were carrots living between all the weeds! :D Who would've known?! I shared with you my frustration of not having time to weed earlier this summer. At that point, I made the garden look perfect for the 3rd time this summer. Now at harvest time, it looked like it's never been weeded!! Ha ha... but what do you know, we still got our veggies! Just look at this:

My good friend, Nina, was visiting us this weekend, and she helped us pick the carrots with Liv. 

Nina explaining to Liv what to expect when pulling up the carrots.

Harvesting carrots

They both did a good job!

I sowed normal, orange carrots, yellow ones, and even purple! Fun to see them "all grown up" :)

Look at these beauties!

It was more than I even expected, just look at this! I didn't weigh it but it was quite a lot!

Liv eating carrots with soil on them... Guess she knows how to get her minerals! Her immune system is going to be strong as steel! Haha

My great helpers!!! So many bags of carrots!! Now we leave the soil on, and store them dry and cool, so they can be stored for months. In the old days, they stored carrots and potatoes in sand or sawdust, my mommo said, and made them last until spring!! 

Did you guys see the super full blood moon this weekend? Here it is after the eclipse on its way down on Monday morning!


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