A lovely night


The kids have been looking sooo forward to Christmas, and finally, the calendar showed the 24th of December. Christmas eve was here. 

tøyservietter julaften

The most I could prepare up front was done, so we could focus Christmas eve on just having a good time. 

We all get dressed up in our national costumes and light the whole house in only candlelight, which brings a very special, almost sacral Christmas feeling to the decorated house. But the spirit among us is very calm and normal, we are only the closest family, and no stress with anything. This year we wore extra lucky to have Ole  Gunnars girlfriend Helga with us for the first time, and their beautiful newborn baby girl, for her very first Christmas. 

julaften i storstua

Christmas dinner is set, and we eat HappyPig from our farm, in its traditional ways. 

venter på julenissen

The only not so calm spirit came from those who kept looking out the window if Santa was gonna come! :) 

And what do you know, Knut needed to go to the bathroom, but then, SANTA CAME!!!! The kids wore in awe. 

They got quite a lot of presents, even we tell people we rather not get anything since we have a house full of everything. If we are getting anything we rather it to be used second-hand things, or like a trip to see a show or other things one can do together. 

The most joyful thing about this night was Halvors THRILL and awe over all the boxes and wrapping paper. He slid over them, laughed and ran and had such a blast. Sooo funny to watch. 

A funny thing to notice too was that what the kids played with after getting quite a lot of nice stuff - was the boxes they came in! 

Hope you had a great Christmas!


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