We have some exciting news after visiting my brother's sheep today!


Liv and I called up my brother, Ole Gunnar, (or Uncle Wool that I now call him) to invite ourselves for lunch and possibly look at the new lambs! He said yes, so we drove around the lake for a visit!

At his farm, spring has gotten further along, and these cute flowers were everywhere.

Liv picked him a little bouquet and he was happy :)

sheep lamb farm sun

Then we walked over to the sheep and lambs. About half of them have had their lambs now. Sooo cute!

sheep lamb farm sun kid girl

Liv says : Hei Sau! Meaning, "Hi Sheep!" Hehe

sheep lamb farm sun kid girl

And guess what! WE are getting sheep, too!!! Yep! We're buying 10 + lambs from Ole Gunnar! How fun!!! So these guys will be shipped over the fjord in not too many weeks! I´m excited! :D

sheep lamb farm sun kid girl

Look at this lamb--only a few days old <3

Do you have sheep or lambs near you? Or maybe yourself? :) This is our first time having our own sheep, and this is an old Norwegian breed that lives well in the wild almost. :) I´ll tell you more about it later when they arrive at our farm :D


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