Not completely ready - but open!


Wow, this is soooo exciting!!! Our little concept store is almost finished and had little pre-launch today! We have been working around the clock to get everything ready, yesterday the last decoration came up, and last night I painted the last stroke of paint. We still miss the doors, the floor, and some chandeliers, but it's getting pretty close to finishing. This store will be open very seldom, only when we are giving out meat to our pre-ordered costumes. We don't want to keep it open and have people coming to the farm all the time, for our own privacy. But of course, If someone wants to buy one of the big sheepskin blankets and are in the area, we´ll open for that.  

gårdsbutikk sveitserstil

Decor is coming up.

Some of the decorations are so fine, I had to literally use a toothbrush to paint it properly! 

Glue in a old table makes it like new! 

Knut and Kristoffer ( And LIV!) are getting the antique furniture I have bought second hand.


Voila, what do you think? Look how my book matches the blue old furniture? 


We only have our farms own products for sale. 

My Mom was our very first customer, and she bought two of Liv's own products, a lite pize of sheepskin that she has printed on herself. :) 

gårdsbutikk sveitserstil nedre skinnes gård

Look at this beauty! :D

sveitserstil snekkerglede utskjæringer tre gård

The day started out quite gray, and then the sun rays started coming thru the clouds and fog and made a beautiful light. 

It feels so great to have gotten so far in the process, and I´, very excited to get it all done :) 


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