Yesterday we had the National TV station NRK here for a full half-hour TV show! This is what the behind the scenes looked like: 

NORGE NÅ Nedre skinnes

A little convoy of cars and trucks and 17 people to make the magic happen 

TV sending fra gården

They wanted the studio to be outside the main house and light up the whole farm.  

Our cute Pony, Ponninn, did a good job on the intro.nedre skinnes gård

Drone photos of the farm taken last week was edited in. nedre skinnes gård

Pig Beach Nedre Skinnes Gård gris

The Pigs on Pig Beach was filmed. Norge Nå NRK Nedre skinnes gård

Guests in the studio was a rural life scientist, my dad, and I. I also got to show the main TV host how to print on the sheepskin.

Inside in the kitchen, Kristoffer showed one of the TV hosts how to bake bread with the farms ancient grains. 


In the end, they brought it out and we all got to taste. 

It was a good experience, and NRK is such a professional company to work with. 


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