Handmade printed blankets


I´m ready to share this years handmade sheepskin blankets from the farms own sheep, made by me! Sewing by hand, printing with ancient symbol for protection, love, and other good things. They can be used as a blanket in your sofa, over a chair, as a bedcover or for a baby. What you want really.  Most are made of one of the oldest Norwegian breeds of sheep, called GamelnorskSpælsau, but also the very exclusive fibers of Pelssau. I have made all the designs available on the farms webpage, just check out the different ones in the menu to the left of this page (link). Prizes in Norwegian, and Yes I can send them by mail :)

Hope you like them and maybe want one for yourself?


Here is the biggest and prettiest I made this year a 4 skin blanket with gold print.

saueskinnsfell søm håndsøm ursymboler

Baby blanket, with gold. 

saueskinnsfell søm håndsøm ursymboler

The ones made for baby has handmade buttons of our own moose antlers. Prettyyy cool huh? :)


symbol merke bumerke våpenskiold

The farm symbol is printed on them all. 

Sawing in skin takes TIME! Its hard work, but its fun to see the beautiful products. Hope you like them too!

trykking av saueskinnsfell


saueskinn med trykk i gave

Just look how nice a normal skin becomes with the printing. Check out the webpage. 


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