We are lucky!


We are so lucky to have the local sports club make great slopes on our fields, so we can go cross-country skiing without getting in our car first. If the conditions are better in the mountains, we have the North Mountain, Norefjell, in our village also, so the choices are many. 

langrenn krødsherad vestsideløypa

This January and February my schedule are not so full, which enables me to go skiing in the middle of the day some days out of the week, and it feels amazing. My spirit, creativity, and motivation comes back after a long and hard fall. Not to mention the first year with Halvor crying almost non stop. He is 1,5 years now and doing very well luckily. 

harespor i snø

In Norwegian, we could say something that translates to " conditioner for the soul" about trips like this. Do you have an expression like that, when something is really good and nourishing for you?



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