Weekend trip


We are suuuper busy these days with finishing up all our building projects for the summer. We work all the time and the fact that Halvor and Liv truly love their little kindergarten makes this all possible. But in the weekends we try to do some fun stuff together, and this weekend my brother's girlfriend Helga took us hiking to see her Stone Cottage in the mountains. 

bekk tur natur

Beautiful landscape starting with lush forest and hiking up a river led us to the high mountain. 

trolsk nøkken natur

This is where the "Nøkken" in Norwegian folktales live. Nøkken eats little kids that walk alone. It was used to scare kids of playing in the water by themselves. :)


steinbu troll trolsk

We made it! Isn't it just super cute? It was built 50 years ago, and Helga's family rent it out to hunters. They wore there when we came, and offered us to heat up inside, and made us lunch. 

The crew. As you can tell, Halvor is inheriting all of his sister's clothes. I could care less about if he wears pink when the clothes have good quality. 

Hope you had a good weekend too! :)


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