Sunday in the stables


I think it's hard to find the right balance between teaching Liv to take care of the horses, and pushing her too much so she loses interest. But I think we manage quite well, and weekends are always "horse time". 

white horse pony girl

She mucks the stables like a pro, and we take the Pony out for a little ride. 

The cats also live in the stables, and the horses try to eat their food too! I have to close the door for them so they get left alone. Horses should NOT have cat food, so I don't know why they crave it! :) Look at Capitan at this photo - this is what he does if I don't stop him! phew! 

white pony girl

Liv and Ponninn. We rode around the neighborhood and then she wanted to stand on the pony as she had seen on children's TV!  

white pony snow girl standing up

Ponninn is a champ, and cool with most things! And she has a GREAT balance! :) I love when we just hang out with the horses :)


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