Foresting going on


We are thinning quite a large area of our forest now. Meaning we take out some trees so that others get more space and light and are able to grow bigger. The big machines are doing this for us, but its only back to when my dad run the farm, that they did this all by hand and spent the whole winter doing it!! Crazy to think about. And even more crazy is that when my Grandad run the farm, they transported the timer by horse! My dad remembers being a part of the logging when they did that. All we do now is to call the contractor. But we still plant forest our self and cut down small trees in the first thinning process. 

tynning i skogen


This weekend we went out to inspect.

We stopped in my brother's little waterfall to play around. 


Liv and her uncle are having a good time. Halvor was skeptical at first, but then he liked the running water. 

The timber was put very nice and steady so Liv was allowed to play on it :) I remember how fun I thought that was when I was young  :) My absolute most favorite smell in the world is fresh cut timber. I LOVE IT!


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