Finally, we wore able to open the old box



Finally!!! It's open! The old wooden "Ferdaskrin", translated as "travel box" from 1758 is now opened. After trying multiple keys, sent to me from all over the country, having it tried picked by a locksmith, and calling different psychic people to find the original key, we ended up breaking up the planks at the bottom. Done by a professional, so the box is not damaged. The key box is temporarily removed.  ferdaskrin

We are super ready to see what's inside, it's not been open as long as I have lived. Liv thought it would have gold in there. 

"GOLD!! " She sais enthusiastic. 

Segl for leters. ferdaskrin

The "gold" maaaaay be something I slipped in there to make her happy, right before she got to look :) 

gamle dokumenter

Tree plastic bags full of old documents from the farm. from old sales contracts to court transcripts and more. Sooo coool!!!

gamle dokumenter


So now we have a new, or old new logo at the farm! :D The crown at the top is a stylised version of the bridal crown from here, and 1301 is as far back we can trace the farm in written sources. Its from a leather letter in 1301. Really really cool, and I´m super excited to read more in the documents in the box. The first document is a trace of my family's bloodline traced to 1614, not bad!  



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