That's what they call it in Asia and we drink it every spring for a fresh boost!


Have you heard about birch juice before? It's the water inside the birch tree that it uses to be able to make all the green leaves! It's rich in vitamins, minerals and other good stuff!

When the frost lets go of the ground, and the heat rises above 8 degrees C, then the water starts to rise up through the tree. The tree can share the juice with you until the green leaves start coming, and then it needs it for itself :)

It tastes like water, with a sweet touch. My great aunt said that they used it for sweetening during the war!

Kristoffer, Liv and I had a nice sunday in the woods before we went to Mom's house for a Godly drink! She is the collector of this greatness!

Look at these cuties!

Here is Mom's tapping station! She gets a liter evey day!!

She drilled a hole that she put the hose into. She keeps the "plug" to put back in the tree when she is done.

Then she drills a hole in the bottle. There are many instruction videos on Youtube, too :)

Ta da!! Look at this! The water of the Gods! It is about 98,5% water and then 1,5% with the sugar xylose, calcium, magnesium, zink, iron, phosphorus, amino acids and antioxidants! It's very nutritious. You feel supercharged afterwards! Mom says she used it for everything lately, even to make coffee! :)

He he she just sent me this snap chat with another full bottle!

Have you tried it before?


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