How we keep the heat when the winter hits hard


I wanted to repost one of my best winterdrinks. :) Its sooo good! Its post is from last year, but the drink is the same - enjoy!

It’s been snowing heavily for some days, and when the sun happens to come out…oh boy, that’s the definition of “magical” if you ask me! 

baby snow farm

One of the things I love to make in the cold winter is a drink made from apples, spices and water. You can make it, put it in a thermos and take it outside, or just have a cup and cozy up inside. You can also add white wine to it and serve it as a starter for a party. It’s fantastic! It’s a lighter and different version of “gløgg,” or “mulled wine.” 

apple drink

apple shapes

This is how you do it:

Put some water in a pot to boil. Add whole cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, cut some lemon pieces, and ginger, if you like. Let it all boil for a few minutes so the spices “release” into the water. Then, add apple juice (preferably a good, local one). Lastly, heat until warm without boiling.

star shape applejuice

horse shaped applejuice

To spice up your every-day life or to serve for a party, cut out cute shapes in some apple slices. I saw it in an Instagram picture and I wanted to try. It’s pretty cute, yea? I made the star one for Kristoffer and the little fjord horse for myself. I told Kristoffer he got a star because he was a star husband, and I think I scored some points with that! ;)

Liv was dying to try it, too, and since it was only apple juice, spices and water, I figured she could try when it cooled down… and she LOVED it. Funny little girl :)

Try it out for yourselves! Some years, I make it every week, and a lot of the spices are really good for you. Did you know that one of the very best things you could start your day with is hot water with lemon? This is the luxury version :) With a cup of this warm goodness, you’ll be singing, “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!”

farmgirls snow

(Linn was the one who inspired me to make this today, as she served it at a dinnerparty on Friday) Thanks, Linn!


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