I have 7 lambs of "my own!


Sorry for such seldom blog posting! Its just very busy and blogging takes a lot of time. I do update on Instagram almost daily like I have mentioned before if you want to follow me there :) Yesterday morning I had a little moment to take some of my baby lambs to the forest for a little stroll. They are adorable, and the 7 that has me as their mom follow me around like a dog. It's super cute! :) We have taken away a lamb from the mothers that get 3, because they only have two nipples and are better off with two lambs, with getting sick themselves. 

Lam i skogen

So I have 7 that I feed with milk 4-5 times pr day, and they are very sweet!  

lam i hvitveisskogen eventyr lamb forest

This is nr 19 and nr 67 I took with me to the forest yesterday :)

lam i hvitveisskogen eventyr lamb forest


lam i hvitveisskogen eventyr lamb forest

lam i hvitveisskogen eventyr lamb forest

Hope you are doing good! :) 


We are expecting 120 lambs!


The farmers call it " spings most beautiful fairytale", and I agree, the lambing season is such a joy! 

Our moms to be are chilling outside and relaxing 

Once they have given birth by themselves, they lick the lamb clean and get started on the milk feeding. Then we take them inside in this "lamb hotel" for 2-3 days for bonding with their babies. 

After three days they are transferred here to the "kindergarten" where all the lambs and moms hang out all day :) 

Look how CUTE they are!?


Nr 3 has concurred his mom!

If a mom has more than two lambs, lamb nr 3 becomes mine in the extra lamb section up in the stable. That's because the moms only have two nipples and its best for them to have two lambs.  I take the extra one and bottle feed them many times a day. :)

Here is nr 3 only one day old. 


Good times


Hope you have had a good easter vacation! We sure have, both great weather and fun things. 


We started by driving snowmobiles into the mountain plateau Hardangervidda to drive up supplies for the hunting cabin up there. 

Reindeer antlers on the neighbor terrain. 

ruiner i fjellet

Old remains of a cabin. 

skitur i fjellet

It was great to go skiing up there with hard snow so we could roam everywhere. 


We saw soooo much reindeer footprints! Kristoffer estimated flocks of over 1000 animals!


Liv got to try to make her own hole in the ice and then fish. She and grandpa got a fish each and wore very happy :) 


Their fish. 


Liv and me cross-country skiing. Here we are where you can see the reindeer have crossed. 

tannpuss på vidda morgenkåpe

Brushing my teeth outside in just a robe, it was so quiet and warm! Amazing. 

We had a great time with Kristoffers side of the family, and then it was time to go back to the farm to do the last preparations before the lambing season. Halvor, Liv and I went to Moms cabin for a night while Kristoffer guarded the sheep. 

My mom took Liv downhill skiing and she is really getting a hang of it :)  

Then it was time for Easter egg hunting!


My dad and Kristoffer came to the mountain also, and dad was the chef. Ready for our annual Easter Saturday lamb dinner at the cabin!

Everyone at the table

Then the kids got to taste some candy from the egg and wore very happy. We went back down to the farm and now it's all about the lambs for the next 3 weeks! :D 


Our farm animals filted!


I think I mentioned that it costs more for us to cut the sheep than we get paid for their wool? ( We cut them twice a year because of animal welfare reasons) And I was looking for other ways to get income on the wool - alternative use. Soo, this was a test project, using wool for needle felted animals! They look great, but it takes between 4-7 hours per animal, then its the cutting, washing and handling the wool, the sales tax and administration time... you do the math, they will be very expensive pr animal if I was to sell them. How much would you be willing to pay for them?

tovede dyr

Capitan and Ponninn 

tovet gris

A HappyPig 

tovede sau

Two HappySheep

needlefilted cat

Pusilen Fluffy 

tovede mennesker

Liv and Halvor !


They are beautiful!


And I have gotten myself a used macro lens to capture it :)