We certainly got our aurora borealis on this weekend...So can you!


What I´m about to share with you, may have happened before... by an extremely few. But now - YOU can also experience what I did - Horseback riding on a white beach in Northern Norway with the stars, the moon and NORTHERN LIGHTS dancing above. And yes, it was as magical as it sounds.

northen ligths hose

Woooowww, this must truly be the ultimate way of experiencing the Northern Lights! Remember I told you about our trip to Alta, north Norway in February, hoping to see it and being out of luck? Well I didn't have any expecations to see them this time (and surely not on horseback) when I flew up to the Loften Islands to hold an inspirational speech about my life as an entrepeneur this week.

Photo VisitNorway.com

Lofoten is a place, in itself, you should truly check out if you are into traveling; it must be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has amazing mountains, beaches, ocean, islands, and a rich culture connected to fishing.

Photo VisitNorway.com

Photo VisitNorway.com 

This dream scenario came upon me by surpise. We had a workshop during the big conference in smaller groups, and I attended one with social media. Our assignment was to come up with things that were good to do in social media. I sat with a guy that owned a stable with 35 Icelandic horses and a big beach property. He already had midnight-sun, beach horse trips, and other cool concepts. I suggested that he start having Northen Lights trips and share those photos on social media. He said he had thought about it, and being two people that act upon good plans right away, we went out the very same night, and he also booked a Northern Lights photographer for us! !

northern ligths horse

The whole trip was the definition of magical!!! Imagine: Horseback riding on a white beach in northern Norway, while the Northen Lights explode above you! We rode Icelandic horses, which were probably the same breed used by the vikings. Close by was a viking museum built on a "main house" of viking remains with a rich story that we visited the day after. I´ll tell you more about that later.

The guy, Frode, at Hov Hestegård takes all levels of riders on this new concept! So YOU can join! Check out his page, and Lofotens travel page. I guarantee you will love it!! :D

If you are not yet convinced, here are a few photos from the Northern Lights photografer, Vidar Lyngsvold. You can follow him on Facebook here.

Farmgirl of Norway

Can you see me on horse nr 3 from the front? :) If I didn't have ears, I´m sure my smile would have gone all the way around my head!! :D


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