On Kristoffer's 30th birthday, we hiked into his family's 400 years old cabin: alone in the forest, without water and electricity.


Wow, time flies, Kristoffer and I met in 2005 when he was 21 and I was 20.  Now we are married, have a kid and own a farm!

Kristoffer turned 30 this summer, and we had a big party where we combined the baptism of Liv and Kristoffer’s birthday. If you want, I can write a post on how that was later?  But on his actual birthday, we went up to his home village to their old mountain cabin: completely without water and electricity, and you have to hike for an hour to get there.

In this modern day with everything so accessible, it’s almost a luxury  to not have any of the new features. Making all the food in the fireplace, and no entertainments except what we come up with ourselves.

So we just took life easy, playing with Liv and Frøya and just hung out.

Kristoffer making coffee on the fireplace.

Me making dinner on the fireplace for the birthday boy.

Liv has her food ready without any fireplace. Breastfeeding sure is very handy; the food is always ready, always warm and perfectly nutritional to the needs of the baby. And here at the old cabin in the mountain, it felt very “back to the roots” to feed her like that. I´m thankful that I’m able to do that.

There is a little spring just by the cabin, but it's also this really cool source of water that comes from deep within the earth, and keeps 4 degrees Celsius all year. It’s frost free even in the winter, and the water is extremely clean.

Frøya chilling in the cabin.

I was even able to make rhubarb stew on the fireplace for dessert! Pretty cool huh?The rhubarb is so small up here because of the altitude.

Kristoffer and Liv picking cloudberries.

We also brought a bottle of champagne; after all, there was a 30th birthday to be celebrated!

There is a special peace in the old cabin, and a calmness that's hard to describe. Liv was also really relaxed and was super happy the whole time.

The weather changed between sunny and rainy all the time, so we got the nicest rainbows. I feel like I have seen rainbows almost every day this summer and fall! It’s pretty magical! These are the old houses in Kristoffer’s neighborhood where he is from.


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