Not only are we planting eco raspberries this week, but we also put in our papers to make the whole farm certified organic!


Woohoo! Here we go eco life!!! From the start of May when I told you we were gonna be the best in the world when it came to climate, animal welfare and social media, I would say we are on track with our plans so far!

We bought 10 sheep of an old breed from Norway, with 10 lambs and plan to increase this to 80 winterfeed sheep. That's an important piece in the organic farm puzzle, to keep all that land "under control". Our sheep will be our helpers :) And their sooo cute too!

We are starting with old breeds of grains and Kristoffer wants to grow organic veggies, too. I´ll write more about all that later. Because THIS week, we planted organic raspberries...because I really wanted to have organic raspberries!

Since both Kristoffer and I are pretty impatient, (wishing we could start with things yesterday, and usually never realize just HOW MUCH WORK things are....) we are now in a situaton of getting a test field started.. 

Yeah, because I pictured a test field and didn't think that would take much time or money.. But I am married to a man who does not like "cheap and temporary" solutions... Which I absolutely love about him. But that means I only have myself to blame for us being on the 2nd week of planting raspberries... 7 rows on my "test field"!

Kristoffer is very handy and figured he could use alternative equipment for the fields. Like this road scraper for getting a higher point in the soil to plant in! :)

Lezek and Piotr help out like they always do! ;)

Staying in shape! ;)

organic rasberries

Making holes in the plastic for the plants. The plastic is to help control the weeds by the way.

Kristoffer fixing an automatic water system!

Piotr making the holes.

Lezek and Kristoffer digging by hand and excavator :)

organic rasberries

Woohoo, the first plants in the ground!! They are a very uniqe breed: over 30 year old plant material that's been on the farm, and the best tasting raspberry in Norway, bred itself with wild raspberries... So what should I call them, Wildberries? Skinnes WildBerries? I´ll have to think about it :)
I think they will taste like heaven, that's for sure! We have 3 rows from before, and now these new 7 "professional" rows with water and everything. I´m really excited and have many plans on what I want to do with them :)

white horse

Capitan running just by the raspberries :)


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