It sure does! Come see what we did for Knut's 25th birthday!


Being farmers, we don't have a lot of time for too much vacation, and the time we do take often depends on the weather. In the winter, Kristoffer has snowploughing which is totally unpredictable, and in the spring, summer and fall (the growing season) depends on the weather and the temperature. Like this year, I had planned a long weekend down south in Europe in the end of May, thinking all the spring work would be done by the start of May, but ohh no!

The only vacation we surely get every year is from a long weekend to a week on our mountain fishing spot, about 2,5 hours drive from home.

mountain fishing

We've been coming here since I was 2 years old like Liv is now, and it's so much fun seeing her be able to do the same things I did :) Here is a picture spread of this year's 4 amazing days on the high mountain at 1150 meters above sea level, fishing, hiking and relaxing :)

mountain fishing

The fish master - as I jokingly call myself ;)

mountain fishing

Fish in the nets

mountain fishing

Cleaning the fish in the little stream by the cabin.

mountain fishing

My brother Knut teaching Liv how to clean a mini fish :)

mountain fishing

Since we started, our level of fanciness has increased to now bringing a power supply to vacuum pack and freeze the fish right away! :D How cool and super fresh!

mountain fishing

Knut and Liv are about to use the heads we cut off to make fish soup.

mountain fishing

Dad and I fixing the nets so that they are ready for the next night

mountain fishing

Kristoffer making dinner... fish, fish, fiiiish for every meal almost! :D


The weather varies--it poured down a lot, so the little sheep tried to hide under the bathroom roof. :)

cooking in the bonfire

One day we made food in the fireplace :)

girl bathing icewater

Time for a bath! :D As you can tell from the snow on the sides of the road, this was NOT a hot bath.. Hehe

boys bathing in icewater

We tried to put Liv's feet in, too ;)


Good, long hikes


Ole Gunnar sliding down the snow

fish dinner

Dad about to prepare for Knut's 25th birthday dinner. This is my favorite dish EVER! 

mountain fishing

Mamma and Mommo also came up and we had a super night.


Mom had baked a cake and Liv and I had picked wild flowers.

brushing teeth

Mom brushing Liv's teeth in the stream :) The cabin doesn't have electricity or water.

hot tub mountain

Such a good time. Sunset in the wood-fired hot tub :) Totally recharged after 4 wonderful mountain days <3


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