Come see Liv's new little business! As they say, it's never too early ;)


Liv is such a joy to have around--she's so great to take around and do things at the farm. Sometimes I call her little miss project manager because of all the things she does. Considering my own business startups at a young age, I thought she could get a real project of her own! :D She is two years old now, after all ;) 

dollhouse for kids

She is playing with a little tea party outside her doll house, Villa Rosa almost every day :)

litle girl white horse

She feeds the animals <3

litle girl smells roses

But she knows how to balance work and play to stop and smell the flowers ... hehe! 

dad and girl drives old tractor

She even helps Kristoffer on the fields--look at her driving the tractor! Well, not quite yet :) 

litle girl dad rainbow

After we've moved the water system, it's back to enjoying the little things like a beautiful rainbow.

girl balance field

And she stays on her small path, so to speak! He he!

So I thought, "Well, what business could she start with!? ...The same as I did, selling eggs and keeping chickens!" 

build chicken hens house

We looked at the area outside the horse fence, and got to work!

build chicken hens house

After having multiple chickens and rabbits eaten by our viking dogs over the years, I wanted to build a VERY good fence this time, and we used this netting that's the strongest on the market! ;) No more dog food!!!

build chicken hens house

Taataa!!! Here it comes!

build chicken hens house

The little stairs were built the last time we had chickens.. maybe 4 years ago, if I remember correctly? The stairs lead to the room inside.

build chicken hens house

Even a good door! Lezek and Poiter have been in charge of the building :)

pretty girl chicken house

This is a picture from last time we had chickens - and my best friend Linda! We have now put in heat from the bio heater at the farm, so it will be nice for the winter! I hope to get an auto water system as well. And...paint the egg box PINK!!!! How cool would that be!??!

pretty girl norway chicken

Linda kissing our last chicken :)


I think we will have about 7-10 chickens, and we will sell the eggs 6 per box for about 5 kroner per egg. That's a looot of money for one egg- but hey- limited access - happy chickens - cute seller - equals good price, huh? Our main customer will probably be my dad (Liv's granddad that lives here on the farm), but that's a "golden egg" idea for her! :) Gotta start somewhere, as they say! Hehe 

I was thinking to have a charity, too, so that out of the 5 kroner per egg, maybe 1 krone will go to a charity. Maybe sponsoring a kid in Africa, and send money every month? Then Liv will learn a lot of good business practices and how to give back. From taking care of the chickens, feeding and grooming, to picking eggs, selling, and keeping track of money, as well as thinking of those less fortunate. What do you think of our business plan?

All we need now is the actual chickens and a cool design for an egg box! :)


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