Check out our promo videos for our village that we did with help from familiar faces!


If you're an active Facebook user, you've probably seen how your feed is flowing with film nowadays. Film is a very powerful communication tool, so no wonder!

Because film is such a wonderful way of sharing, I had a few videos made this summer to promote our local area, North Mountain Valley. One focuses more on the business trip perspective of conferences while the other is more vacation-oriented.

I made my brother, Knut, the star in one of them and some others that you'll recognize. Here you can see the behind-the-scenes pictures and the films themselves. I'm excited to hear how you like it!? :)

knut skinnes konferanse

I scoped out some nice spots in the village and we had some incredible weather for the film days. 

This is the conference film:


North Mountain promo


knut skinnes konferanser

Here is my brother, Knut, as a conference movie star. Looks good, huh?film catapult

Film guys. bringebær krødsherad

Hedda, in the raspberry fields. 


knut skinnes bringebær

Tossing some berries! konferanse norefjell

An outdoors conference setting... You can't get much closer to nature than this!  


My cousin, Viel, is smiling at the camera :) blåbær på konferanse

And here they are eating wild blueberries while AT THE CONFERENCE. No wonder we have a lot of bookings? ;) We know how to mix business and pleasure! 

fjelltur norefjell


lokalmat noreheim

Local food is an important part of our conferences, of course.  



How did you like it? Did you get tempted to come visit our North Mountain Valley? ;) 

Yeah, and as of the header, my cousin Eilev is doing great in " Dancing with the Stars", and he is one of the favorittes. We are very proud!

eilev dancing with the stars


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Harvesting ecological Spelt

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August 25, 2019

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Natur Retreat building

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Farm summer

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Magical stuff on the fields

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