Guess who!?


It's not very often that Kristoffer comes with me when I want to go horseback riding... but when he does... and the weather is like this... it's magical!

I think it's my favorite thing to do in the whole world!! Horseback riding on our fields, in the lake, and then steal strawberries.... ;)

swim with horses

The horses love to cool off.

swin with white horses

Look at that light!

horsebackriding white horses fields

Checking the fields...

horsebackriding white horses strawberry fields

Stealing strawberries!!!! He he he... well.. it's not as criminal as it sounds... they're our own fields, and part of the rental contract for the strawberry farmer is that we get to eat as much as we would like... ;) Yea, that was smart, huh? 

horsebackriding white horses strawberry fields

The horses get to taste!

horsebackriding white horses strawberry fields

And me!

horsebackriding white horses strawberry fields

Riding back home.

horsebackriding white horses sheeps

Passing our sheep.

horsebackriding white horsespigs

And the HappyPigs... ;) Look how brown they have turned everything... it was all green a few weeks ago..

lake sunset

Since it was such a nice night and we did have a babysitter, we also went kayaking... beautiful! You need to enjoy the days when they are this nice - don't you think?


March 4, 2020

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