Our farm animals filted!


I think I mentioned that it costs more for us to cut the sheep than we get paid for their wool? ( We cut them twice a year because of animal welfare reasons) And I was looking for other ways to get income on the wool - alternative use. Soo, this was a test project, using wool for needle felted animals! They look great, but it takes between 4-7 hours per animal, then its the cutting, washing and handling the wool, the sales tax and administration time... you do the math, they will be very expensive pr animal if I was to sell them. How much would you be willing to pay for them?

tovede dyr

Capitan and Ponninn 

tovet gris

A HappyPig 

tovede sau

Two HappySheep

needlefilted cat

Pusilen Fluffy 

tovede mennesker

Liv and Halvor !


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