Say cheers to a cow, sing like Julie Andrews, relax at the spa and soak up the Alps at this incredible Eco hotel.


You know I love traveling, and that I love to find extraordinary places to stay. There are some places in the world that just blow you away.

I mentioned the place I'm about to tell you about in the post of our trip to Austria, before Christmas. But this place deserves a full post.

This is the picture that caught our attention. White horses under amazing mountains in the Alps. Followed by this incredible architecture. We just had to go. It was later we learned that this all was based from a farm!

Stanglwirt is a bio-hotel under the mountain Wilder Kaiser in Austria. We landed on Salzburg airport, rented a car and drove 1, 5 hours. You can also fly in on other airports, like Munich. The prices are not as bad as one would think either.


They have Lipizzaner horse breeding, and a huge spa. The hotel has 5 restaurants and 175 rooms.  Their attention to details, and the genuine hospitality was truly amazing.

Stanglwirt was and is a farm in many ways. It's still family run, and their farming impacts the hotels beautiful surroundings as well as their menus, and eating experiences. One of the restaurants has windows where the cows are fed, so you can see a guy working with them while you eat. Quite exotic. A lot of the foods they serve come from their own production, from the eco yogurt on the breakfast table, to the cheeses, meats and honey.

This is the "children's barn"

Nice, huh? Looks like a scene taken from "Lord of the Rings?"

Great place to relax.

Linda heading for the entry.

They have an indoor riding hall that's connected by glass windows to the bar and reception area!!! Where do you think I spent a lot of my time? he he.. yes, looking at the horses, of course.

The old barn was used as a part in the restaurant.

Cheers, cow.

The food was delicious.

Gorgeous view from the spa.

The Spa area and how the spa part is built into the whole picture is truly spectacular. They used stones from the bottom of the mountain.

A lot of the interior is from old barns that were taken down in their neighborhood. And due to the fact that they are located in the heart of the famous Tyrol region, that’s pretty impressive.

The stables were flawless, too, and the Lippizan horses looked great.

Do you remember the old movie “Sound of Music”? Well, it was filmed in Salzburg and the surrounding area, and we truly felt a part of it in the magical atmosphere.  

We took a sleigh ride through the landscape with “cream-colored ponies” like Julie Andrews sings about in the movie, and since Linda and I used to be in a choir at school, we were singing along when we felt for it! :D

We got matching hats so we would blend with the locals.

What a magical place! Have you ever been?




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