See how we use our hands to make cute decorations for this holiday!


Easter is just around the corner and Liv and I went to a girlfriend's house today to make some decorations. We had a great time both socially and creatively :) The following pictures are mainly things Liv can do by herself (2 year old level).

diy easter decorations kids paint egg

Liv is fingerpainting an egg

diy easter decorations kids paint egg

And trying the brush as well.

diy easter decorations kids paint egg

I put on glue and hold for her, and she sticks on eyes, feathers and a little crown! How cute!

diy easter decorations kids paint egg

A royal, mini ckicken!? :)

diy easter decorations kids paint egg

I love how they turned out!

Liv's friend, Sander (also two) made this :)

Getting her hand painted for making bigger chicken pictures.

diy easter decorations kids paint egg hand

Our friend, Cecilie, painting legs and a "nose" on the chicken.


Voila! We are gonna give one to each of her grandparents... :)

Cecilie is quite the housewife - here she is making us "lapper". Super good!

Cecilie and her son, Sander, decorating with Liv. 

Reusing old glass. This can be used for Easter goods, or even to grow sprouts in! ;)

Cute :)

This is Liv just a year ago! Look how little she is, and even less hair!  I had hoped she would have some more hair by now, but when I look at this at least it has grown some! he he....:)

Check out this link to see what we made last year! :)

Are you gonna make anything this Easter? We had plenty more on our list, but the kids got tired, so we´ll save that for later :)


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