Summer means a lot of work for farmers, but we try to balance work and play to make it fun :)


"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life..."

Here in our paradise, there is a lot of work to be done... all the time. Everything grows so well right now: fields, flowers and weeds! ;) But one of the things I love the most about living here is being close to the processes of life and seeing the seasons changing from day to day, and enjoying the simple things. 
Here is a picture spread from our last week at our little paradise... :)

litle girl white horses sleeping

Liv likes to get up at 5 AM (!!) and none of her parents nor the horses are up at that hour.. So a bit after that, we go give the horses an apple or a carrot to start our day. Look at the Pony Noddy sleeping, too! He is getting comfortable here.

dubble rainbow

The weather goes from super warm and sunny to rain and back again in a heartbeat. It's not possible to take in dry hay nor have your garden pillows out, but it does make some amazing rainbows. I LOVE rainbows!
I took this double rainbow over the newly-planted raspberries as a super good sign for their production... :)

weeding rasberries

Since we can't only rely on the luck from the rainbow, I finally did my weeding that I have been postponing for too long! Now the plants have space and light again, and most of them are doing really well :) One round took me 6 hours!

weeding rasberries

Look at the nice plants. It's our own wild breed like I told you before :)

Our sheep have been hanging out here the last months, and now they are about to be moved down even closer to the farm to keep the trees and grass down by the lake.

wild sheep

Their old space seen from the other side

fence sheep

Kristoffer, Lezek and Piotr are making an awesome new fence!

fence sheep

Sheep work team!

And then there is Liv and her new business... let's just say she learned the hard way that eggs cannot be squeezed hard.... This was the very first egg :)


Her learning curve was steep, and this is egg nr 2. She is very proud! Now we have 4 , only two more spots to fill up the 6 pack that she is gonna sell to my dad :)

orangeri greenhouse

The greenhouse /orangeri is producing well, and we snack on our own tomatoes all the time.

And the cucumbers are super good!

How is your summer going? :) Hope you are enjoying it <3


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