I have a dream... to be the world's best farm when it comes to sustainability, animal welfare and social media impact!


I have a dream... yes it sounds very "Martin Luther King" ish, but it's so  important to have dreams. You have to dream, and then DO. Without doing, dreams stay just that...dreams.  

We will be the best farm in the world when it comes to sustainability, animal welfare and social media impact! :D What a big hearty goal?!

But why not? Should someone else rather be? Is it wrong with ambitions?

I was triggered to articulate this goal by an article I read last week, where a scientist says there are people "taking a stand to be the best" in climate in every industry except for farming. Well, here we are stepping up on the "podium" saying, "Our goal is to the best! We will be the most climate smart and coolest farm, to be a role model that others can relate to and look to for inspiration to take their own actions." 

We've started a little bit, but we have a long way to go. We do wish to partner up with organizations who also focus on these issues, as well as farmers that want to go on this journey with us. We want to show that you can start where you are at, and work your way from there.

We have our successes and our failures to look back on. We did really well with our free range, organic HappyPigs. We failed with our free range rabbits, though. We power the whole farm, and neighbor farm on our own bio heat. Kristoffer works on projects in the winters with advising farmers to switch to renewable energy. We are now looking to solar power and other types as well. Contrary to people diminishing the soil for food, we are breaking new grounds. Last year we grew Chia and Quinoa. Quinoa went well, but the chia didn't work. We plant trees, we take care of the forest, we try and we fail. This isn't done overnight, and we learn as we go, but it's our goal - and we have started "walking down that line".

This blog, in both Norwegian and English, brings our messages and enthusiasm world wide. In Norway, my blog was one of the most shared in the whole country last year.

We hereby nominate our farm to be the testing ground for future sustainable farming. We want to grow things that are good for our stomachs and our tastebuds. We will help the earth and ourselves to be in balance - and we shall make it!!!

What do you think - can we do it?